Ludiscope Privacy Policy
v 1.0
Last revised April 21, 2017

This agreement was written in English (US). To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the English version, the English version controls. 

This document discloses the privacy practices for websites, applications, and the API ("Services," "Service," “App”) operated by Ludiscope, Inc (“Ludiscope,” “We,” “Us“). This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by applications and websites operated by Ludiscope. Please read this document carefully and only proceed to use Ludiscope’s products and services if you comprehend and agree with this privacy policy.

1. Ludiscope Account
When you create and use and account on our Service, we may collect information you provide to us, such as your name, phone number, email address and other contact information, and game library information.

2. Service
When you use components of our Service, we store, process and transmit any information you provide. If you give us access to your contacts or information on third party accounts, we may store those contacts on our servers to enhance your experience on our service. This will facilitate, among other things, your ability to consolidate, share, and communicate information, and invite others to use the Service.

3. Usage Information
We may collect information from and about the devices you use to access the Service. This may include, without limitation, IP addresses, the type of browser being used, device being used, web pages visited before accessing our Service, and other identifiers associated with devices being used. We do this to provide an optimized experience, such as retina assets, club recommendations based on your browser history, and browser specific enhancements. You should be aware that, depending on your device settings and settings selected within the Service, your devices may also transmit your location information to Ludiscope. Location data is stored in an encrypted fashion and is used to provide location relevant information, such as but not limited to clubs and events near you.

4. Third Parties
We may share certain information with third parties as outlined below.

(A) Fellow Users - Our Services display information like your name and email address to other users in places like your user profile and sharing notifications. Certain features let you, at your discretion, make additional information available to other users.
(B) Trusted Partners - Ludiscope works with trusted third parties to help us facilitate, improve, and expand our Services. The only information we’ll provide to third parties relates to your aggregate game library, and is not linked to you. We won’t share your name, email address, or other contact information. Any information you elect to display on your profile will be made available to the parties you elect to share it with. 

5. Legal
We may provide your information to third parties if we deem such disclosure to be reasonably necessary to
(A) stay in compliance with the local, state, or federal law.
(B) protect users from harm;
(C) prevent fraud and/or abuse of our service or our users; or
(D) protect our intellectual property. Information about our users will only be turned over on an “as necessary” basis and we will combat wholesale attempts to seize our users’ information.

When possible and legally permissible based on US law, we will notify you of requests made to disclose your information, and of the identities of the organizations requesting disclosure.

6. Security
We will constantly work to ensure that your information remains secure. Your passwords and location data are encrypted, and your content is only viewable to those whom you have given permission to. If you are aware of a security exploit, you are to report it to with information on how to reproduce the problem. Publication of the exploit or demonstration of the exploit against any users of the site is grounds for account termination as well as punitive legal action.

7. Information Retention
We will retain information you provide and store it through our Service. If you delete your account, this information will no longer be publicly accessible. Please note:
it may take time to remove this information from our servers and other forms of information storage; and
we may keep this information in case it could be necessary to comply with our legal and business obligations, resolve disputes and other issues, or enforce our agreements.

8. Global Service
Though we are currently only operating within the U.S., to provide you with the Services, Ludiscope may store, process and transmit information in various locations across the globe.

9. Changes
If we are involved in any major corporate changes (including, but not limited to, reorganization, mergers, acquisitions or a transfers of assets), your information may be transferred as part of that deal. We will make an effort to notify you if any such deal occurs so that you can assess possible changes to your use of the Service.

We may alter this Privacy Policy as our service develops, and we will post the most current version in a place accessible through our application. Should that occur, we will make you aware that a new version has been posted. If, after reviewing the new policy, you determine that you no longer agree with any portion of this policy or our related terms, you should discontinue use of our site. Otherwise, your continued use will establish your continued agreement.

10. Contact & Redress
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Ludiscope’s privacy policy, or if you believe that we aren’t abiding by this privacy policy, contact us at